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Vijya Devlin is a chef with a passion for new food experiences. After learning the basics of cooking, she quickly moved on to experimenting and developing her own dishes after learning the basics.


Like so many skilled chefs Vijya learnt many of the secrets of cooking from hours spent in the kitchen as a child helping her mum and grandma.

Later in life she travelled extensively, working for a number of different British Embassies across the world which gave her the opportunity to experience new flavours, work with more unusual ingredients and help her further develop an understanding of food and recipe creation.


She is a talented chef with a great passion for what she does. Look no further for a truly exceptional Indian meal cooked and served at your own home or holiday accommodation.

Cooked with skill and fresh seasonal produce 


Sag Aloo

Garlic Nan



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Garlic Naan
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Friday is


Why leave the house on a dark winter night when you can order an authentic three course Indian meal delivered to your home!

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