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Horse Riding Adventures

From short rides to expeditions lasting several days




Naturacavall is an exciting and unusual project, Joan Ferrer and his sons Xavi and Joan Pere decided to dedicate themselves to their passion - adventure out in the wilds with their beloved horses. Growing up they spent their free time off the beaten tracks in the mountains and along the coast of Mallorca exploring the island, sleeping in hostels or wild camping.


Now they have more than 24 horses which they have rescued from different walks of life that are at stables hidden away in a rural area near the centre of the Island of Mallorca. Here the horses enjoy living free and grazing out in the open air.

Over time Naturacavall team has grown and yet it maintains an unmistakable family vibe - together they take care of the horses and train them, united by their love to give each animal another chance at life and of course to live some adventures together out in the wild.

"The Greenway"

The Manacor-Artà Greenway follows the path of the railway that used to serve the easternmost part of the island of Mallorca. The result is a new, easy and safe trail that runs through the interior of the island, where traditional crop fields alternate with Mediterranean forest on the hills that the old railway line used to skirt around in its quest for a flatter route to follow.


These paths are  ideal for horseback riding, with many stretches ideal for galloping at full speed. Lunch is at a local restaurant in one of the old towns along the way. 


Although these rides are normally full day rides for experienced  riders who are able to enjoy a day in the saddle at a good pace, it is of course possible for all levels of riders to join and ride for a shorter period of time.


During the summer months we ride along The Green Way at full moon, stop for tapas, local wine and a dip in the sea under a blanket of stars

"The Valley"


Ride up into a private estate near to our stables , discover off track paths and incredible views out across the valley and along the coast. Listen to the jingling bells of  Mallorcan cattle roaming free, the rustle of lizards and turtles in the ever changing countryside.

This ride is suitable for all levels and is also perfect for our horse and carriage if you don't want to ride a horse.

These rides range from 90 mins to several hours.

We can arrange a champagne picnic out in the wild or a delicious meal at our Ranch after your ride.

"Coastal Routes"

The coast of Mallorca has some very wild, little known beaches, coves and rocky coast. Our horses all love a good swim in the sea to keep them cool all year round and especially in the summer months when it can get pretty hot here on the island. Huge areas of the coast line are backed up by wild pine,  juniper forests and protected sand dunes.


We offer 2 hour long rides as well as day trips and adventures of several days along the coast, sleeping out in hammocks, galloping along long white sandy stretches of beach, discovering rocky coast, old goat tracks, cool forests and riding bareback as your horse swims in the turquoise water.


It is possible to spend several days completely disconnected from civilization, riding by moonlight and sleeping a long siesta at the heat of the day in summertime.

These rides, especially the longer ones are mainly aimed at experienced riders able to spend several hours in the saddle and enjoy a good fast pase of riding when necessary. It is also possible to arrange a beach ride for beginners if necessary at a slower pace along the coast

"Overnight Teepee Camp"


Ride through rural Mallorca, across fields and along country lanes; then gather round

an outside fire while the horses roam freely amongst us, sleep in our cosy teepee or a private tent and arrive back the following day after breakfast, or continue riding up to the coast or along The Green Way. This option is great for small groups, families or businesses looking for an authentic adventure out in the wild! 


The Finca at Sa Mortera has an 8 person teepee which is fully equipped with sleeping 

mats and cushions. There is an outside fire gathering area and plenty of space for the horses to roam freely amongst us.

There are many possible routes we can take to ride to Sa Mortera through rural Mallorca, crossing fields and along country lanes. 

There are very basic dry toilet facilities and limited running water and cooking is done on an open fire.

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