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Staycation : Palma Suites, Palma de Mallorca

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Big city adventure on the ruff

“Only the Swedes are travelling now,” Mats Jacobsson says sadly, shaking his head at the many restrictions and seemingly incomprehensible rules connected with “the new normal.”

One of his hotels, Feliz in El Terreno, hasn’t been able to open at all this year, but fortunately for Jacobsson and us, his town hotel Palma Suites is still open, offering many benefits to residents and brave tourists alike.

“Yes, only 1200 euros for a whole month in a suite – it can’t be beat!” says Jacobsson, (but in Swedish so it’s not rhyming).

The suites are fully equipped with a cooker, stove, Nespresso machine, fridge and oven, dishwasher and toaster. One of the suites even has a washing machine and dryer. 1200 a month for all this, plus having the suite cleaned and your bedsheets changed once a week – that is certainly better than my house where I have to do everything myself!

“We offer the same activities packages for intrepid Swedes (but of course all nationalities welcome!) as before Covid,” Jacobsson continues, showing off the pool on the hotel’s rooftop, overlooking the entire city of Palma and most of the Mediterranean.

“We organise golfing trips, hiking tours, wine tastings of course, sailing, gourmet eating … and padel!” ( A sport. Ask a Swede.)

The hotel is newly renovated in a Scanditerrenean style (Swedish simplicity meets Mediterranean warmth) and I would certainly live there for a month if I could.

“Yes, we had one family of parents and two children – AND two dogs – staying for several months! We had to ask them to leave in the end because of the lockdown”

Ha ha!

But wait. Did he say – dogs?

”Yes, of course! Dogs are welcome here, just like they are in Hotel Feliz.”

Okay, it’s a deal. 25% off the already reduced price for residents, and I can bring my dog – count me in for a big city staycation extravaganza!

“This is a convenient and nice place to meet up with friends before a concert or dinner. Just tell people to go to our website or call me to set up a nice special deal for them and their friends,” Jacobsson adds, showing the stylish and elegant reception slash bar area on the ground floor, where a little porcelain dog sits staring wistfully out at Plaza del Mercadal.

I remember vividly when I visited this hotel a year ago. That day it had ‘tourist go home!’ graffitied in big angry letters across the entrance door.

I bet those people aren’t scribbling much now.

PALMA SUITES Plaza Mercadal 8 07002 Palma de Mallorca Baleares – Mallorca

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