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Staycation : The Marton Hotel, Valldemossa

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

It’s a clean job, but someone has to do it

Ever since the first time I set eyes on the fabled village of Valldemossa, I wanted to be there so early that I could catch the first morning rays shining gold on the village from the other side of the valley.

But how? What with walking the dog, showering and getting to the bus station, there was no way I could get there before 10:00.

The Corona epidemic came to my rescue. Not because I could get up or finish my morning routines any earlier because of this pesky flu, but because it forced me to think differently.

I would get up early all right, but IN Valldemossa.

Yes, I would be modern and go on a STAYCATION and stay in a HOTEL.

With a nice dog sitter from I could leave for Valldemossa without worrying about my dog, and one Friday afternoon I set off for my staycation.

But what an epiphany – the ticket costs only 1.90 on weekdays!

I have picked out Marton, a boutique hotel so beautiful in the photos it hurt the eyes, and with TripAdvisor exploding with five star reviews.

It is especially the breakfast, the great coffee and tea in reception and the extreme cleanliness of the hotel the reviewers praise, as well as the charm and efficiency of the hotel manager.

And yes, the two latter things are certainly true. The hotel and everything in it is squeaky, shiny, sparkling clean and the hotel manager, Raluca Zamfirescu, seems very charming indeed. That, however, is a bit hard to ascertain, as she may or may not be smiling at me from behind the ubiquitous mask which, combined with all the white and shiny surfaces makes the reception look not a little like a dentist’s office.

“I’m sorry, we have to do it – it’s not up to us!” Zamfirescu tells me by way of greeting, pointing to her mask.

Sure, it’s the norm. But shock – they are not allowed to serve breakfast. NOR coffee! NOR keep the mini bars stocked! Damn you, China flu.

“Yes, I used to make breakfast every day. Everything was brought in fresh from the bakery, every day. Croissants, coca de patata, bread… Even the cheese was delivered fresh every day,” the energic Zamfirescu says.

We will not be serving breakfast again until next year.”

Hotel Marton, so named after its owners Mar and Toni, only opened in March last year, but had a good run from the get-go. Situated smack in the middle of Valldemossa and overlooking the valley, the hotel is a traditional Mallorquin village house that had stood empty and abandoned for 20 years after the owner died of consumption. What a boost for the neighbourhood it must have been when the hotel opened.

After a few bad Corona months, they are now getting more clients, especially sporty people.

“Now is the perfect time for hiking and we have storage space for bikes. We have discounts for Mallorca residents, and if someone makes the reservation directly with us the price will be lower than in for example Yes, we have decided to stay open during the winter also!”

The bed is so clean I’m afraid to lie in it, but in the end I have the best sleep ever. The fresh air! The total silence!

The next morning my dream is fulfilled: I get to see the sun come up and paint Valldemossa golden.

Go now! You never know when the epidemic will be declared null and void.

Hotel Marton

Carrer Rei Sanxo, 7,

07170 Valldemossa

Phone690 25 13 33

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