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Cala Bóquer

Updated: May 7, 2021

An easy walk from Puerto Pollença through the stunning Bóquer Valley will lead you to this virgin stony Cala

Although there is a small dirt car park at the beginning of where the track through the Boquer Valley begins I prefer to park close to the Eroski car park on the first roundabout as you enter the town. From here keeping the supermarket on my left I walk down the main road to the Port and begin my journey at the Pine Walk, a scenic promenade that runs between stylish looking villas and the beach. If you would like to follow the route by pictures then click here

The Pine Walk Puerto de Pollensa

The walk to the Cala takes approximately an hour and is relatively easy with the first part being more or less flat with a steep descent down into the cove at the end. Wear a good pair of shoes as the path is rocky - flip flops will not cut the mustard as my 16 year old niece discovered when we were unlucky enough to get a heavy shower making the climb back up interesting to say the least. I never knew that clay soil could become so slippy or that a 16 year old girl could get so angry!

Aromatic plants such as wild Rosemary are in abundance

By far the highlight of this short walk for me is when the flattish section finishes and the climb down into the cala begins - the vista that opens in front of you is truly incredible and it goes without saying that you should stop here and take a minimum of 50 photographs with your mobile which you can then post to all your social media accounts.

Cala Boquer Mallorca
After taking lots of photos pick your way down one of the many tracks to the cove

It should take about 20 minutes (más o menos) to get down the steepish section to the sea - about 100 metres from the shoreline to your left you will see a small round stone structure which is an interesting relic from the Spanish Civil War...a machine gun post from the 1930's. Go take a look (you can go inside) or climb on top for more Instagram moments

Machine gun post Cala Boquer
Sat on the machine gun post #mallorcanrelish ;-)

Finally you will arrive at the pebbly beach interspersed with large boulders. The sea with its amazing turquoise colour is bordered by the Serra del Cavall Bernat and Es Morral hills that rise up to 360 metres. This is not Cala Deià so there is no posh restaurant and if you plan to spend the day here take a picnic and even if only for a couple of hours plenty of water...It's a long walk back to Puerto Pollensa to grab a coke. The beauty of Cala Boquer is you never know what you will get until you could be there alone with just the goats (watch your packed lunch as they love trying to get into open rucksacks!!) or it could be a busy day and you will have to share the beach with a dozen other people. The sea could be too rough to swim (seldom) or full of jellyfish (has happened to me once!) but whatever you get this Cala is worth that walk back up the hill and that cold beer in Puerto Pollensa always tastes so good!


If going in the height of Summer make the walk early in the day

Wear walking shoes

Put your drink and picnic in a cool bag unless you enjoy a cup of tea mid afternoon

Avoid the weekend if you can

Swimming shoes will make getting into the sea a far more enjoyable experience

Take your snorkel

In this Cala it is difficult to find shade - take it with you or head there late afternoon

Hat and cream

This is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Take everything you brought with you back with you

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