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At Mallorcan Relish we take great pride in our honest and impartial reviews. We bring them to you free of charge so you can make informed decisions about where to spend your money. Paying each bill out of our own pocket, we never accept invitations or freebies in exchange for reviews. We visit restaurants unannounced to ensure that we get the same treatment as any other customer - and we love to review all kinds of establishments! 

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Asador Bolixe

Menú del día at Asador Bolixe Cocina Esencial

Review by Cecilie Gamst Berg

The bright and airy Bolixe restaurant, tucked away in an unassuming Palma street, doesn’t skimp on the ingredients. The Menú del día is three courses plus drinks, and even the starter is enough to fill you up.



A melty and salty Norwegian smoked salmon, properly fatty German salad, and home-baked bread kick off the feast, pausing briefly for a glass of mango juice before culminating in a succulent Angus beef hamburger. You are lucky if you can squeeze in a glass of Mallorcan almond milk with melted caramel. And all for 15 euros!


Special Bread

A plus is cute, tiny baguettes with two types of alioli.


Presentation: * * * * *  

Friendliness: * * * * *

Music: Beautiful dreamy New Age to complement the modern interior

Toilet: * * * * * 

Speed: * * * * *


Carrer d'Eusebi Estada, 33

07004 Palma de Mallorca

+34 871 94 94 47 

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Menú del día Reviews

Menu del Dia Reviews

Menú del día at La Vasca

Review by Cecilie Gamst Berg

Tired of the bocadillos and fries-with-everything on all the cheap and cheerful menus in Palma?


Then you can take a trip to northern Spain at downtown Palma’s La Vasca! In fact the name means The Basque.


You should choose the terrace across the mostly pedestrian street, because the restaurant itself, a hole in the wall type corridor, is very dark and crowded.


The service is super quick with perhaps more efficiency than warmth, but at 1pm the place is already filling up fast.


The starter, one of a choice of four, is delicious and a meal in itself: macaroni smothered in a cheese, bacon and mushroom sauce with a big dash of grated parmesan.


“Guiso sukaldi” looks very mysterious but turns out to be a beef stew with fried cubed potatoes. A mild and subtle sauce spreads warmth all over the body and you can feel the nutrients cursing through your blood. The beef is melt-in-the-mouth and the potatoes firm.


A big minus is the presentation– see-through, worn-out glass plates looking like they came from a garage sale in 1983. Brown stew, brown plate and brown table – not a tempting looking combination.


Apart from that, a tasty and reasonably priced solution for those who are in a hurry … and who aren’t too demanding about aesthetics.



FRIENDLINESS: Perfunctory to none

PRESENTATION: Just get some white plates, why don’t you!

VALUE FOR MONEY: (14.95€) Okay

USP: Supposed to be Basque – would have liked to see something more regional. Even the paper napkins had a Mallorquin pattern.

LOCATION: Excellent


Bonaires 19

07012 Palma de Mallorca

+34 971 10 73 16


Menú del día at La Lianta

Review by Cecilie Gamst Berg

La Lianta’s secret weapon and greatest attraction is a waitress named Magda! She comes up to your table and shakes your hand, introducing herself and making you feel special.


The place is also very spacious, so you are guaranteed to get a table in the cavernous dining room or on the large terrace facing busy Joan Miro, without a reservation. Especially if you turn up at 1.


The starter was a delicious fish cake in a crimson red sauce, which your reviewer, gagging for something spicy, secretly hoped would be a chilli sauce. However, this sauce, so mild and delicate, only complimented and didn’t smother the fresh and healthy tasting fish cake.


The dish was also beautifully and attractively presented, beckoning to the eye as well as the nostril. 


The same couldn’t be said for the main dish, chicken breast in a Roquefort sauce. Yes, it was succulent, with just the right amount of cheese in the sauce and all that, but beige sauce with beige-ish chips? This dish is crying out for some colour – red, green, even a twig of parsley would have saved it from total oblivion, overpowered by the white dish.


Still, when it came to the dessert, Banoffee cake or carrot cake, there was absolutely no room in the jaded old stomach. Despite its dull appearance, every last morsel of the chicken and chips had been hoovered up.



FRIENDLINESS: Magda saved the day; *****

SPACE(distance between tables): *****



Avinguda Joan Miró 3

07014 Palma de Mallorca

+34 971 40 74 32

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Indian Reviews

Indian Restaurant Reviews 

Lunchtime Menu at Taste of India

Review by Cecilie Gamst Berg

Poor Paseo Maritimo! Palma’s flagship thoroughfare, instead of being a pleasant stroll, is now one long construction site.   


And poor, poor businesses along said Paseo – first two years of covid lockdowns and restrictions, and now this. Most restaurants and bars have packed it in.


But not Taste of India.


Like a sun specked oasis of calm, bravely holding the fort against the construction site with bamboo fences and plastic vines, the plucky little Indian stands its ground.


And the quality of their menu del dia, where the choice is chicken, chicken or chicken, doesn’t seem to have suffered at all throughout the prolonged onslaught.


The starter, several large pieces of chicken pokara, puts you in a mellow mood as you languidly dip them in the condiments of varying spicyness and sweetness (avoiding the mayonnaise, because – Indian food!).


Main course, a flamboyant chicken curry Jalfrezi – chosen over 11 other available curries because it was spicy – was a dream in red and green. Succulent and rich, it could easily have been spicier, but all Indian food is good!




The garlic naan was a bit dry where it should have been garlic bread-y, but that´s what the many condiments are for.


A lovely day, hidden from view and protected against dust, attentive servers and great coffee.

Now they must hurry up and finish whatever facelift they are planning on the Paseo Maritimo,


Menú del dia for 1: 13.95€

Be hungry! Be very hungry.


Ave de Gabriel Roca, 15

+34 971 917 702 

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